What’s The Best Ventilator To Use In My Grow Tent?

What's The Best Ventilator To Use In My Grow Tent?

The planning of your ventilation system for your grow tent and hydroponic growing system are vital to growing strong healthy plants. Putting a great deal of thought into your ventilation system is one of the most important decisions you will make when setting up your grow tent. With the correct plan and system you can have a more efficient and effective ventilation system to produce maximum growing results. There are kits that will have all the items that you will need to build a properly functioning ventilation system for your grow tent. They will include your fan for air extraction, carbon filters, ducts, attachments and all the other hardware needed to assemble your ventilation system. When complete you will have a system that keeps your plants in a healthy environment free of contaminants and odor.

Selecting a filter for Grow Tent

Carbon filters simply hang inside the grow tent while the air inside is pulled through them. When it goes through the carbon filters the air is cleaned of odors and they are neutralized making only clean air come from the grow tent. The size carbon filter that you use should equal the fan size that you choose. To work bests the humidity in your grow tent needs to be less then eighty percent and if it grows over eighty five the carbon filters will not work at all. The filters last for a maximum of a year. The carbon filters can be attached to each other and then to the fans by using the proper sized ducts. Ventilation fans allow control you to have control over your grow tents temperature. It also provides your plants with the fresh air they need. There are products to control the odor in your grow tent such as carbon filters, generators that produce ozone as well as items that freshen the air.

Control of temperature and other indicators inside Grow Tent

Fans can be loud but there are silencers available that can reduce most of this noise. Air circulaters also are vital in controlling the grow tent temperature. In the warmer times they can provide exhaust for the added heat and in cooler months the circulaters will bring in warm air. Ducts guide your vents that surround your grow tent and help to reduce the noise heard from you fan that are used for exhaust. Clamps and tape especially made for ducts hold them in place. Duct tape is also good for covering tables you may place in the grow tent as well as to put up sheeting for reflection. It is vital that you give your grow tent and the plants it contains proper ventilation. It is recommended that the air inside your grow tent change in circulation a minimum of 15 times per hour. When air is not recirculated this often then you run the risk of throwing off the balance of heat and humidity which can lead to mold that will damage your plants. The size of fan you decide to use should coincide with the size of you tent.

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