What Size Grow Tent Would Be Best For Me?

What Size Grow Tent Would Be Best For Me?

The first item of consideration when deciding what size grow tent you need to purchase is how many plants you plan to grow. Then you need to determine how tall they will grow. A 4 ft square tent can grow four average size plants. The tent should be large enough to have at least two flaps for ventilation. The tent must be able to handle the light system that can weigh up to 15 kilograms but most grow tents you can purchase are made for up to 30 kilograms. Beginner hydroponics growers often under estimate the amount of space they will really need to grow successfully. While what plants you are growing play a major role you also need to remember to have space for the lighting, ventilation systems, fans, ducts, wires and the containers for the plants. The average size of a hydroponics growing space will be closet size which is why growing tents work so well.

Who can choose Grow Tent?

Since a grow tent is usually closet size they are the ideal solution for indoor gardening. They can be set up in any space you have open, in any room because they are designed to keep odors in and light out. Their inner reflective lining will provide with lights inside will provide all the lighting you need. The usual size of a grow tent on the market today is about 4 ft x 4 ft x 6.5 ft high. They come with flaps for your ventilation system that are designed to not let light in plus for the fans. This size grow tent can easily support four plants and only need a bulb of 600 watts. You want to make sure that your plants are not to close together and that they have plenty of room to grow. Crowded plants not only run the risk of not growing insufficiently, they can also die which will force you to start all over. If you want to do more plants it is worth it in the long run to buy more grow tents. Especially if you are doing it for business purposes because the more plants you can grow at one time the more you can profit. The plants also need this additional space to better control the humidity, temperature and air quality inside the grow tent.

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