What are Grow Tents?

What are Grow Tents?

Campers see tents all the time, and they are essential for protection against the elements when you camp. But you may never have seen a “grow tent”. These tents are made to have the effect of miniature greenhouses. You can fit a grow tent easily into even a smaller part of your home, which will allow you to garden indoors, even if your apartment or house is small. Grow tents can also be used with hydroponics systems, allowing you to grow plants indoors without using soil. This is especially convenient when you live in a high-rise apartment building, or in cases where the soil near your home is not rich enough to allow plants to grow and thrive.

What do you need for growth tents?

Once you find a grow tent that will work well with the hydroponics system in your home, you’ll need some supplies for indoor gardening. This will give you everything you need to grow plants indoors. Grow lights give your plants light like that of the sun, only indoors, and the lights you choose should mimic the natural light of the sun. Grow lights are available in a spectrum of light colors and you can use this to your advantage, to get the best results from your indoor garden. Mature plants that will produce vegetables, fruits or flowers will thrive under orange or red spectrums of light. These colors induce your plants to respond and grow. Younger seedlings that will need time to mature benefit more fully from the blue colors in the spectrum, which aid in growth. You’ll need some other hydroponics supplies to use in your indoor garden, if you want your plants to truly thrive. Nutrient, also called plant food, will be mixed in with water to create a solution full of nutrients for your hydroponic garden. They will give your plants all the necessary nutrients. They are mixed specifically for certain plants at different growth stages, so be sure to carefully read the labels. This is the best way to ensure that you have the specific nutrients that your own plants need. Your plants’ crowns can rot if they are submerged in water, so you can use other supplies for your hydroponic garden, to prevent this problem. Each hydroponic system will use trays or nets to prevent rot, and the pumps in the systems will change the level of the water, so that your roots can take full advantage of your liquid food.

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