Things to Look at When Buying a Grow Tent

Things to Look at When Buying a Grow Tent

A grow tent is really an investment for those who want or need to do indoor plant growing. It provides the ideal conditions to grow plants in. Grow tents can be purchased or made at home. There are many things you need to know and consider before you make a purchase. When making a grow tent from scratch you have to set up the entire light and ventilation system from nothing. They can be built to utilize natural light, unnatural light or some of both. When using unnatural light you can get lamps that discharge a high intensity or fluorescent lights.

Lamp selection for Grow Tent

While some lamps that have a high intensity discharge produce a great deal of light they also put out a lot of heat. Fluorescent lights put out a great deal less heat and are a much better option for young plants. When you build your own grow tent ventilation is going to be a concern. You have to provide your growing plants with proper circulation of air and ventilation to remove the additional heat that is produced by the lighting. The most effective way to do this is to put in a fan or blower to ventilate.

Grow Tent in full configuration

The grow tents that you can purchase have been professionally constructed to fulfill all your needs for a grow room. By purchasing a complete grow tent you will save a great deal of money and energy that you are spending putting together a grow room that may not work for your plant's needs. Grow tents give you a great deal of convenience and portability. They are constructed to be quickly set up and break down plus often come with carry bags and light weight materials. The interior is going to be white or made of highly reflective materials such as Mylar which will greatly enhance light production. They will have all the in and out ports you will need to install all the components such as lighting, exhaust, ventilation, irrigation systems. While purchasing a premade grow tent may cost more initially it will quickly pay for itself not only through better plant growth but also through its unbelievable convenience.

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