Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box – Explosive Growth Tips

Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box - Explosive Growth Tips

If you own a stealth hydroponic grow box, then getting the maximum yield possible out of the unit isn’t all that hard if you know what your doing.  We have a few different tips here for you that will ensure you get the most out of your yield and ultimately the most explosive growth rates with the equipment you have.

5 Tips For Explosive Growth Rates

Use a light source with high output and tight spreads. If your using a crappy grow bulb or a cheap led grow light, then you won’t be getting the most out of your stealth hydroponic grow box. You plants need a certain amount of light to maximize their growth rates, and this is 10,000 LUX at the plant level. A 400 Watt HID light system can easily put this much light on you plants if your using a quality name brand bulb, but a led grow light must be of the highest quality. If you can, choose a led grow light that is a bit more expensive, but uses CREE led’s instead of run of the mill led’s for it’s light source. Keep your hydro reservoir at optimum levels. Ideally, you want to keep your water temp at 69 Degrees Farenheight and completely saturated in oxegen.  Stay away from using stealth hydroponic grow boxes that are too small as they will stop oxygenated water from fully circulating to all parts of your plants roots.  Change your resivor out every 3 days to keep your plant stock in all of the nutrients they need to thrive.  Sometimes, plants are using more micro or macro nutrients than other times depending on the stage of growth they are in, and those elements may become depleted quickly if your not changing out your res water frequently.  By being proactive and changing every 3 days, you will make sure your plants are always in stock of what they need. Keep your plants at a constant nutrient level and PH as well. The more your nutrient levels and pH fluxuate, the less your plants will thrive.  Sometimes plants like to kick out nutrients when they had their fill- this is a nautral process of the plant and will force you to keep an eye on your levels frequently.  Plants during their different stages of growth will suck up the nutrients and different rates, and then kick them out again so you will never be able to leave your plants unatteneded more than a day at a time. Keep Your Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box Cool. Most plant varieties need to be kept between 72-80 degrees farenheight for explosive growth.  If your plants are exceeding 80 degrees at any time, then you need to upgrade your fans.  If your afraid that too much air exchange will disrupt your plants inside your stealth hydroponic grow box, then add more individual fans as swaying plant tops will surely stress the plant out and will hamper your yields. Humidity Levels. Keep your plants at 60-70% humidity level during their vegetative cycle and 40-60% during flowering.  If you are needing more humidity run a whole house or industrial humidifier outside of yoru grow box in close proximity.  If you need less humidity, then run a dehumidifier or AC instead. These four elements are necessary to maintain explosive growth rates in your stealth hydroponic grow box.  If you think there is some main things that I have missed, then please mention these in the comments section.

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