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Micro-Veggies? Delicious!

Micro-veggies, or 'microgreens', are young vegetable greens that are harvested after sprouting but before growing into fully fledged vegetables. We've created the FogBox to make it easy for you to grow your very own delicious, nutrient packed micro-veggies anywhere, anytime. If you need more, you can click here!

How do you grow micro-veggies? Simple! All you have to do is take one layer of the grow pad that we've provided (3 layers pictured above) and place it over your grow tray (no clay pebbles needed). 

Having done that, add a thin layer of micro-veggie seeds on top of the grow pad and turn the fogger onto the setting that you'd like to experiment with. The high setting will have the fogger run 24/7 whereas the low setting will have the fogger run in intervals. We generally recommend that the high setting be used when just starting from seeds but switching to the low setting is best right when they begin to sprout as over-watering can lead to mold growing. 

After waiting for around 10-15 days (or whenever your micro-veggies are fully mature), harvest and use in your cooking! At this point, you can start anew with another grow pad and seeds to get ready for your next harvest. 

Note: Please make sure that the water levels are between max and slightly above min for the fogger to work properly and that non-distilled water is used. 

Feel free to reach out via for any questions you may have