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Hey, virtuoso!

Want to submit a guest post to the GroBox blog? Here's what you need to know.

The GroBox blog has more than three years of content created, and thousands of monthly visitors. We're always looking for more brilliant writers to contribute valuable and meaningful content for our readers, and so...

Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to the GroBox blog!

To make sure we publish the best content that drives curiosity and interest in readers, we have a few requests for you...

Valid Topics

Your article should be focused on at least one of these topics related to living decor, environmental sustainability, eco-friendly habits, love for nature, and healthy living habits. Here are a few topics we recommend (but are not limited to):

  • Household decor

  • Beautifying indoor living spaces

  • Aquaponics

  • Hydroponics

  • Micro-greens

  • Plants and their impact to human health

  • Gardening

  • Nature-friendly recreation

  • Places to visit if you love nature

Article Layout

Your article must consist of the following:

  • Header image must be placed at top of article either before or after title

  • Article must contain more than 800 words of valuable content.

  • Insert images to break text when needed, and be sure to source the link where you found the image (if applicable) underneath in size 8 font.

  • Article real estate should contain 15-20% images.

  • Font should be Arial.

  • Normal text size should be size 12.

  • The title should be formatted as H1, while subsections should be formatted as H2 or H4 (for sections within subsections).

  • Layout should consist of a title, intro, body, conclusion, and author bio in addition to any additional sub-sections or images.  

Article Content

  • Article must be unique and not found on other websites.

  • No pushy self-promotions, please. You can attach links to your website, just make sure it is 100% relevant to the content at hand and valuable to the reader.

  • 1 paragraph about you as the author of the article to be attached at bottom of article (photo optional).

Submission Policies

Editors’ Rights

  • Though you might be the original author of the article, your submitted content is now owned by GroBox.

  • In the case where an article is submitted without a featured image, we reserve the right to add a featured image as we deem fit.

  • We reserve the right to add our logo to featured images in articles.

Publication’s Rights

  • We reserve the right to unlist any article published in GroBox should it be deemed to be of poor value to readers.

Submission Process

Send an email to with the subject line Guest Posting. Indicate the topics that you are interested to write about and how many days will it take you to deliver one complete article.

We will then respond with topic(s) that we feel best match the brand, and review your draft once available. Kindly put your draft in a Google document, so that it’s easy for us to edit and track changes you have made (we receive multiple submissions every week!).

After finalizing, please allow up to 14 days for your work to be reviewed and added to the GroBox website. We typically will post within the week, but may require additional time in certain situations.

We appreciate and look forward to publishing your submissions!