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Aspen Growbox FAQs

How is the Aspen Growbox different from other grow houses?

Our focus has always been on no ‘BS’ growing. We’re focusing on the essentials needed to successfully grow using a hydroponic system. By essentials, we mean features such as an automated watering system, lighting system, and cooling system. This helps keep our prices over 50% lower than competitors, allowing you to receive more bang for your buck.


What makes Aspen Growbox better than other grow houses or DIY systems?

We’ve created a system that yields just as much, if not more than other similar systems. This is because we’ve focused on putting a lot of work into the most important parts of any hydroponic system - the pump, light, and cooling systems.
Additionally, shipping cost is calculated by dimensional weight or the greater of Weight or Length x Width x Height. Other large products such as refrigerators are extremely expensive to ship due to large length, width, and height. Since the Aspen Growbox is stackable, you’re able to save HUNDREDS of dollars on shipping vs. competitors.
DIY systems are great until you realize that you’ve mistakenly purchased the wrong part, and expenses add up to thousands of dollars. This is also very expensive in terms of your time wasted, in addition to money, and product. We’ve created the Aspen Growbox to save you time, AND save you money in the long run.


Do you still need Beta Testers?

We're only able to make a few beta units due to how expensive they are to create by hand now, and have already selected testers.


Does the machine do everything on its own?

It does A LOT on its own, but not quite everything. For example, you'll obviously still need to refill the water in the water reservoir from time to time. However, let's say you're growing tomatoes... If you know the amount of watering it should receive, the amount of light, fertilizer, and so on - then yes, our Aspen Growbox will take care of automating that all for you!


Is this machine smell proof?

I would say that it's smell resistant. We do have some amazing HEPA type air filters, which do help provide cleaner air to your room + filter smells. However, if a smell is dank enough, then a tiny bit will get through, but not too much.


How much yield from one session!

It depends on what plant you're growing :) For example...we've found for some medicinal type plants that you can get 2oz in about 15 weeks, but of course, things can vary.


How much does it cost + release date?

To sum it up for you, we are launched on Kickstarter on January 9th, 2018, 8:00 AM PDT. Launch day price was the lowest ever.
There will be two ways in which you can obtain it:
1) Full payment upfront
This will be the lowest price that you can get it for. If you reserve, you are guaranteed this price if you do a full payment. This price will be around $835. If you don't reserve, this price will only be available in limited quantities on launch day (Jan. 9th).
2) Pledge for 'GroBase' and purchase the rest of the Aspen Growbox as an add-on in the post-Kickstarter campaign process
This price will be slightly higher than the full payment up front but will allow you to put down around $300-$400 first for the 'GroBase', and then the other $500-$600 in the post-campaign process for the rest of the Aspen Growbox.


Where can I get one?

We launched on January 9th at 8:00 AM (PDT). Just click on the link HERE.


What's it made of?

Aspen Growbox is made of a combination of plastic and aluminum parts. No glass.


Is there any automatic dosing?

We will not have automatic dosing. Our goal with the Aspen Growbox is to provide only the essentials you need to have a successful grow.


What is the size of the tank?

The hydroponic reservoir is roughly 6 gallons.


How often does it need refilling?

We recommend that you change the water once a week to ensure your plant gets all the nutrients it needs. As your plant grows and starts to take up more water, you may also need to add more water in between water changes. The Aspen Growbox has a built-in indicator to let you know if this is the case.


Any sensors in the Aspen Growbox?

We will have temperature and humidity sensors build into the Aspen Growbox.


Is there any temperature control?

Both temperature and humidity will be controlled by adjusting the Aspen Growbox’s fan airflow.


What's the expected grow cycle length?

Your grow cycle will depend on the specific plant the user decides to grow.


Is it easy to access the crop?

It will be extremely easy to access your crops. We have doors on the front of the Aspen Growbox for users to access their plant while it’s growing. When it’s time to harvest, the stackable design allows you to remove the top of the Aspen Growbox to give complete, open access to the plant.


What can you grow in the Aspen Growbox? How tall can the plants get?

You can grow anything that will fit inside the Aspen Growbox! It can accommodate plants up to 30 inches tall. You may purchase extensions to increase your height in increments of 12 inches.


What is your warranty policy?

The Aspen Growbox will include a 1-year warranty.


What type of customer support is provided?

We have a dedicated grow team available to ensure that you are successful in your growing experience!


What nutrients are used?

We have partnered with a top hydroponic fertilizer brand to offer a range of nutrients for anything you might want to grow.  You may also use a hydroponic fertilizer of your choice, and we'll be here to help you with that decision.


How much power is used in a 24-hour period?

It will largely depend on the settings you decide to use, but the maximum power draw with all the components on is around 180W.  You will likely never have ALL the components running at the same time.


Will there be an app?

No.  The Aspen Growbox has an easy to use control panel.  We believe that you shouldn't need to constantly check your plant and you can set it and forget it.


What type of system settings does it use to determine/control what's grown inside?

The Aspen Growbox is really easy to use, our nine combinations of watering and lighting settings will help in most plant growth.  We also have recommended settings for the plants that we have had great success with.


What form of water cultivation does the Aspen Growbox use?

The Aspen Growbox uses Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain) hydroponics. This allows your roots to stay healthy and provide the perfect amount of water and nutrients to your plant.