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FogBox FAQs

How does the FogBox work?

The FogBox uses an ultrasonic vibrating disk to put water droplets into the surrounding air. The roots of your plants then absorbs the perfect ratio of water and air. When you are sprouting seedlings, the mist keeps the grow medium wet so that the seedlings turn into healthy plants.

My fogger isn't working

Please check the water level - it should be between minimum and maximum for best results. In addition, do not use distilled water as there is a sensor in the fogger that requires dissolved minerals to detect water levels. 

The fogger is making too much noise

Set your fogger on low, which will cause it to turn on for 10 minutes per hour limiting how often sound is produced. The fogger uses high frequencies to vaporize the water, but some amount of water will not be vaporized causing it to splash back down into the water basin. 

My _____ has arrived cracked

Please send a message and picture to - we'll be able to help you there. 

How do I grow stuff? 

We suggest growing micro-greens in your FogBox. The included basil seeds will take 5-6 days to sprout but need some fertilizer to continue growing. On the other hand, micro-greens only need water to grow to harvest. 

You can also try splicing using the cuts found in the sponge - there are 9 small slits that can be used to hold plants that you splice in. Please also use the pebbles to elevate your sponge, allowing for plant roots room to grow. 

How tall does the plant grow?

The space from the top of the base to the light is 8 inches. We suggest trimming the plant when it reaches that height.

How often do I need to change the plant mediums and how much do they cost to replace?

You only need to change the plant mediums if you want to grow something different. We suggest using 1 plant medium pod per plant. The plant mediums (5 plant pods per pack) will cost around $10 excluding shipping and handling.

What type of water should I use for the FogBox?

We recommend using purified water. Tap water often has calcium and other minerals that will cause more frequent maintenance to your fogger unit.

Do I use fertilizer? How do I get it?

Only a small amount of fertilizer (RAW) is necessary. If used, please change your water every 2-3 weeks to prevent bacterial growth. 

Will the fertilizer I use clog up my fogger?

Since there are more minerals in the water, you may need to clean out or replace the ceramic disk more frequently.

If the fertilizer I use is soluble in the water and becomes a part of the fog, isn't that hazardous?

Almost all of the fog the FogBox generates will stay within the FogBox. There may be a very small amount of fog coming out through the plant mediums, but it isn’t enough to be a health hazard.

Can I eat what I grow in the FogBox?

Leafy greens and herbs thrive well in the FogBox. They add a brilliant touch to any meal along with a healthy lifestyle.

How much water does the FogBox hold?

The FogBox holds around 1.6L or 0.4 gallons. 

How is it powered?

The FogBox is powered with 24V DC. Total power is around 12V or less depending on how many lights are on. 

What are the specifications for the LED light?

The LED light will consume around 9W. It has a wide selection of LEDs that will provide your plants with a broad spectrum of light.

Is the height of the LED light adjustable and can it be removed?

The lamp height is fixed, giving the plant about 8 inches of vertical space to grow. The light is detachable from the base.

How long will the LED light last?

The LED light should last at least 30,000 hours.

What are the dimensions for the FogBox? 

The width and length of the base without the light is 17 cm or 6.7 inches. The height of the base is 14cm or 5.5 inches. The height of the light is 36 cm or 14 inches.

Is there a warranty for the FogBox?

There is a 1 year warranty on the unit which can be activated by going here. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at