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What makes Aspen GrowBox better than other grow houses or DIY?

We’ve created a system that yields just as much, if not more than other similar systems. This is because we’ve focused on putting a lot of work into the most important parts of any hydroponic system - the pump, light, and fan systems.

Additionally, shipping costs are calculated by dimensional weight or the greater of weight or Length x Width x Height. Other large products such as refrigerators are extremely expensive to ship due to large length, width, and height. Since the GrowBox One is stackable, you’re able to save HUNDREDS of dollars on shipping vs. competitors.

DIY systems are great until you realize that you’ve mistakenly purchased the wrong part. That can end up costing you thousands of dollars and a lot of time. We’ve created the GrowBox to save you time, AND save you money in the long run.

How does the Aspen GrowBox work?

The Aspen GrowBox uses hydroponic technology to take care of your plants for you more efficiently.

The 63 3W LED lights are full spectrum - perfect for growing plants.

The GrowBox is fitted with fans to bring it fresh air and help it grow strong stems. The fans operate at up to 280 CFM, turning over the entire grow volume over 1,000 times in an hour!

The GrowBox also has a intake particle filter and an exhaust activated carbon filter to keep pests out and smells in.

The GrowBox automated watering system works by using the Ebb & Flow Method, also known as the "Flood and Drain" method.

How Ebb & Flow Works:

1) The tray is regularly flooded to bring the nutrient solution to the plant roots and then drains back into the reservoir.

2) This cycle is repeated several times a day.

3) When the nutrients drain away, the fresh air + oxygen are drawn to the root zone of the plants.

More information on hydroponic watering systems can be found here!

Is GroBox One smell proof?

It's absolutely smell-resistant. We do have an amazing activated carbon air filter pre-installed, which helps provide cleaner air to your room + filter smells. However, if a smell is dank enough, then a tiny bit will get through, but not too much.

What are the dimensions?

Approximately 19"x19"x48" overall with a 18.5” x 18.5” x 30” grow area.

How does it filter the air?

The 3 fans installed at the back of GroBox One help circulate air through an activated carbon filter.

This helps reduce odor, removes toxins + parabens from your air, and lowers humidity.

How much maintenance does the Aspen GrowBox require?

The Aspen Grow Box is extremely easy to use! You just have to change the water once a week. After each grow cycle you will change the air filters and give your reservoir a nice rinse.

What can I grow?

Anything that will fit in the GrowBox and can be grown hydroponically! (That’s a lot of plants!)

How much electricity does the Aspen Grow Box use?

It will depend on the settings you decide to use and what growth phase you are in. The maximum amount of power it will use it 160W. Generally you can expect it to use around 2.5 kWh/day. This will come out to $10-$15/month on average.

Do I have to use fertilizer?

Yes. We have partnered with a leading hydroponics fertilizer brand to design a hydroponics fertilizer for Aspen GrowBox. We utilize their pH perfect technology; all you have to do is do your weekly water changes. No need to measure the pH or dissolved solids.

You may use other hydroponic fertilizers, but we cannot guarantee they will work and you will need to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

What if I don’t know how to grow?

Not a problem! We will have step by step instructions and videos gearing you up for success to grow! We also have a list of recommended plants that we have grown with great success.