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GroBox, Who?


Founded in early 2015, GroBox started with a group of individuals who took their extensive knowledge in hydroponics & aquaponics to design and build a home grow system that does everything for you. The result is a simple indoor growing system that is sustainable, environment friendly and top of the line, but most important, affordable.  

Who are we? This isn’t our first rodeo. We’re the same startup that produced and have shipped more that 22,000 units of EcoQubes.

Our mission is to help change how people think about their plants: everything from where your food comes from to how you can grow your own.

Our goal is to help further the home grower movement and make it easier for people to grow their own plants, on their own time, anywhere, any season.

It’s 2018, we can grow our own plants inside our San Francisco closet-sized apartments whenever we want. That’s the beauty of hydroponics. That’s our vision.

As the company grows, we practice regular product meetings to ensure that all customer feedback from a variety of sources is channeled into production runs in a structured, scientific fashion.

Hydroponics is the future of growing. Let’s make it happen.