Hydroponic Grow Box and Low Stress Plant Traning

Hydroponic Growth box and Low Stress Plant Traning (LST)

If you want some serious yields from your hydroponic grow box, then you should consider two things, Low Stress Plant Training and Topping. Low stress training involves pinning down you plants branches and staking then down in the dirt if your growing in soil, or making use of the trellis net in a hydroponic grow box if you have one. A plant with only three nodes is ready for its first tie down with LST.  The best strategy I have ever seen for LST involves bending the the plants stems every other node and in a spiral pattern.

Hydroponic Grow Box

I have found big eye hooks to work great for tying down plant branches because they not only allow for your plants branches to gain girth, but also gives them the ability to slide up and down the hooks. Some people actually pinch their branches to get them to do what they want, but I guess I would say this is not necessary unless you can’t get your branches to do what you want by bending alone. The whole goal of this process is to get as many leading flowering tops or colas in your hydroponic grow box as you can that are competing against each other for that top cola spot. If you didn’t know, plants have flowering hormones that are concentrated in the prime flowering tops of the plant as to signal to the plant that the buds or flowers should be receiving the most resources.  In nature, the tops of the plants would be receiving the most light, so the plant naturally would want to focus it’s resources to these parts of the plant. When you use low stress training on your plants, you are essentially telling the plant that there is no single leading on the cola and that these flowering hormones should be equally distributed throughout all of the buds equally.  When doing LST, you may have 6 or even more decent sized flowering colas instead of 1 big one and 3 or so more small ones as you normally would have. Every time a branch of the plant starts outgrowing  the rest of the tops in height, you should bend it down and equal out its height with the rest of the branches using the LST technique. Where To Cut When Topping About 2 weeks before you flip your plants into their 12/12 flowering cycle, you should top your main center branch. Yes, the top of your plants are quite robust, it may seem like a shame to cut it off, but it will further help you to distribute these flowering hormones in your plant for optimal yields. If you decided to top your plants instead of using LST, you will still have good results, but ultmatly a combination of both of these techniques will garner the greatest amount of fat flowering tops and ultimatly the most yeild in a hydroponic grow box. There is no reason you should be doing scrog or sea of green in your hydroponic grow box if you do not desire to. In a standard size hydroponic grow box, a single plant can do what 6 plants can, it  just takes much longer to get the same amount of flowing tops.

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