Hydro Grow Boxes- Using The Quiet Bubblers

Hydro Grow Boxes- Using The Quiet Bubblers

The hydro grow boxes we sell come with some extremely quiet oxygen bubble pumps that make oxygenating your hydro systems water supply quite easy. There are other more powerful water pumps out there that you can use to oxygenate the water, but since were growing stealth here, you will need to go the stealth route. An example of the pumps we offer with all of our hydro grow boxes are shown in the following image. The water pump comes with an adjustable dial that allows you to turn up or down the speed of the pumps contained within. Normally, the o2 water pump will not need to be turned on all the way in all cases, however if and when your bubbler stones start to get clogged up during your crop, you will probably want to turn up the speed on the water pumps as they will need that extra pressure to force air out through all of that junk.

Hydro Grow Boxes

If you ever run into a situation where you do not have all of the 8 air stones on hand we recommend you using in the hydro system provided with purchase.  You do have the option of blocking off part of the ports there by forcing the pumps to push air out the available remaining ports there to oxygenate your plants. An easy way to do this is to just bend and pinch off the hoses extending from the ports with a piece of wire OR lead one single piece of hose from one open port to another port to block both of them off. Another one of these pumps are provided with your purchase to run your hydro systems recirculating cycle as well. Airthat is pressurized from the pump will drive air inside the hydro system which is air tight, and thereby pushes out the water in the hydro system from the reservoir up through the feeder tubes up top of the hydro system. This makes for an extremely quiet recirculation system that is only heard when you open up the doors to your hydro grow box. Timers are hooked up to this system that makes watering your plants from the top down at an interval that you specify. We recommend keeping the stock setting on your recirculating system to the 20 minute watering sessions at 2 hour intervals as this is the setting that has proven to work best in our grow lab. Additionally, the pump strength set at the dial of the recirculation pump should be kept at the setting the pump arrives to you as again shown to work best in our lab.

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