Grow Tents Help Speed the Growth of Seeds

Grow Tents Help Speed the Growth of Seeds

Growing plants from seeds can be very challenging but cost much less than buy plants already started. Seeds need a delicate balance of heat, moisture, light and air to germinate. When the levels of each of these components are at the correct level seeds will flourish. If levels are not right or the component is missing all together the seeds will not grow at all. Grow tents are a valuable tool to take the guessing out of many germination issues.

Type and equipment of tents

Grow tents have a dark colored, often black, outside that absorbs heat. This absorption aides in making sure the interior stays at the prime temperature for germination. Each seed will need a different amount of heat, moisture, light and air. It is vital that you use a good working thermometer inside your grow tent to properly monitor the temperature. There are heat mats that can be added if you need more heat and you can tone down the lighting if you need less. The inside of the grow tent is either white or made of a reflective material to optimize the light you have for our plants. The grow tent will hang from a frame of either PVC or metal of some kind. They also have heavy zippers that will be less likely to snag or break.  The duct fans you should use should be adjustable to your needs so they you can make them fit what ever gardening needs you have for each different seed you grow. The fan also helps to keep the moisture at the right levels. Of course not enough moisture will kill your growing seeds but so will too much. The additional moisture will foster mold that will kill the plants.

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