Grow Box Ideas That Will Make Your Grow Box Better

Grow Box Ideas That Will Make Your Grow Box Better

There are more than a few ways you can improve your grow box design and get some better results out of your crops overall.  If your looking for some great grow box ideas and your a grow box grower already, then you have found the right article here. If your about to build a grow box and need some grow box ideas to make your new creation have the best outcome possible, then you can borrow some information from the list here to do so.

Grow Box Ideas

Grow Box Ideas For Temp Control:
  • Get An Air Conditioner –  You can find small grow ac units that are perfect for the job online.  Just Google, “small ac unit”.
  • Buy High Flow Inline Fans From The Hydro Store – Those cheap PC fans are not going to cut it for cooling your plants when using HID lights.
  • Use Decent LED Grow Lights- Most led grow lights suck.
  • Use T5 Bulbs - Most people only veg using led grow lights, but T5 bulbs come in warm red spectrums as well.  T5 will do pretty well despite what you think.
Grow Box Ideas For Increasing Yeild:
  • Use SCROG – When you use the scrog technique when growing in tight grow box spaces, you can accomplish alot as big colas deliver high overall weights.
  • Use Bushmaster Vertical Plant Height Reducer – Bushmaster will keep your plants very stout, usually about 1/2 the height as normal.
  • Train Your Plants- Using the LST Method, you can bend and train your plants to grow up in available spaces in your growbox really maximizing your grow box space.
Grow Box Ideas for Stealth Operation:
  • Cycle Your Exit Air Through A Carbon Filter- Use a can filter brand carbon filter as they are the best quality you can buy.  The cheap ones don’t work. grow box light trap
  • Use Light Traps – If you don’t want light to leak out the ventilation ports on your grow box, then you need to incorporate these.  Usually you can build your own, and a photo of the concept is shown here.
  • Use High Quality Fans with Double Ball Bearings- Quiet fans means a stealth grow box.  More fans means you can run each fan at lower speeds further reducing the sound of the grow box in operation.
  • Add Common Junk Around The Box- If you have other grow box items to throw up next to it– especially more of the same thing you build the grow box out of, then you will really be adding in some anonymity to the mix.
The best grow box idea that I have heard about is to build a grow box inside of a wall with a secret door in front of it.  When you pull open the secret door, you will have your real grow box sitting there with your plants growing in it.  To cover up the secret door, you can always put a dresser in front of it to make the whole thing look legit.  Get creative, any grow box idea can be stealth and functional if you put your mind to it.

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