Complete Grow Cabinets With Dimmable Digital Ballasts

Complete Grow Cabinets With Dimmable Digital Ballasts

Out of the good quality complete grow cabinets that are on the market today, the ones that growboxes-stealth sells come with high quality dimmable digital ballasts. The digital ballast the complete grow cabinets come with also come with a 120 to 240 switchable option to reduce your amps drawn from the unit. The dimmable part of the ballast comes with a knob to turn down the intensity of your lights with just a flick of the wrist.  The three different options you get to choose from are 50%, 75% and 100% intensity levels. When  your just starting out your plants in your grow cabinet, it is best to start the dimmer setting at 50% to acclimate your plants to the light. Your plants will build up a waxy layer on the outside of the leaves when they are being “hardened” off, and you will be able to tell when they will be able to take the full blast of power from your digital ballast by the thickness of that layer. * When growing in a grow box, you must always be especially careful of your light settings as the grow box really intensifies the light source as it encapsulates it well.

Complete Grow Cabinets

Digital Ballast Grow Box Tips By using a digital ballast, you will be able to better control the grow boxes ambient air temperature as digital ballasts run much cooler than their magnetic cousins.   If your plants ever do have a problem with overheating as the room temp outside the grow box gets too hot, you can always dim the ballast to reduce the temps of the grow box in a hurry. Most of the time people run into problems cooling our grow box units, the customer is not ventilating their grow room that contains the grow box unit well enough as air coming into the grow box remains the same temp as the air going out.
  • High pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs can both be ran off of the same ballast without switch flipping that people like to forget to do.
  • Digital ballast run much more efficiently than your standard magnetic ballasts, numerically from 10-30% more
  • Ballasts are more lightweight, and can easily be hung up on a grow box unit off to the side and out of the foot space of your grow box perimeter
Some things you should remember to do when operating the digital ballasts grow cabinets:
  • When starting the digital ballast, make sure to allow the ballast itself to warm up for 30 seconds before turning the dimming dials.
  • Do not rapidly turn the dimmer dial back and forth from setting to setting as this can burn out the electrical components on your ballast
  • If your ballast shuts off for any reason, make sure you allow your bulb to cool fully before you turn on power to the ballast again.  The bulb will have a greater chance of striking if you do this.
  • If you can’t figure out why your bulb is not firing, you may have blown the fuse in your digital ballast.  Replace the fuse with the one that comes with your ballast in order.

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