Chamber For Plants- Is Tap Water Good Enough?

Chamber For Plants- Is Tap Water Good Enough?

When growing in a grow chamber, you must be using the right water for a base if you ever expect to get any kind of good yeild. Many rookie growers tend to not realize water straight out of the tap is really quite bad for your plants, and that you shouldn’t be adding it straight off. Your choices for water when growing in a grow chamber:
  1. Tap Water
  2. RO or Reverse Osmosis Water

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Tap Water- Works find if you know what your doing. To start, water straight out of the tap is not room temperature, you must know this. In reality, this water is nearly 40F many times, and can shock the hell out of your plants if added straight into your res or pot before temperature buffering. Assuming you are pulling this tap water straight out of a well source that is not connected to a municipality, then at the very least let it sit out in a room temp room for 3-4 hours before you drop it into your hydro system. If your pulling your tap water from a municipal source however, then you have to be aware that water is treated there with cloramine.  They claim this chemical is there to kill bacteria and to keep the water safe to drink.  This chemical is very harmful to a plant, and debateable if it’s even good for you. You have a couple options to get rid of this pesky stuff before you give it to your plants; you can either bubble it out of your system, or let it evaporate out, your choice, they both work. You can expect that if you bubble out the clormine out from your tap water that it will take approximately 8 hours to do this vs the 24 hours that you will have to wait for the stuff to evaporate out of your system on it’s own. Whatever you choose, it is important to carry out one or the other as a strong crop counts on it.   RO or Reverse Osmosis Water- A RO filtration system can be used to filter the cloramine right out of the water supply and will allow you to bypass the whole chloramine removal process. The RO filter will actually also remove all of the rest of the stuff in the water as well such as salts and minerals that may be present in it. You can actually measure the RO water that you make using the RO filter and see the parts per million total disolved solids number at  neraly 5 PPM when it is said and done. Because of this fact, bacteria and other chemicals can easily fill this vacuum if you do not oxegenate the shit right out of it. The benifits of using the RO water in your hydro system vs the goold ol’ tap water is nill in terms of yeild or growth rate, but the sellers of the systems won’t tell you that. RO is great at removing contaminates, nothing more. There you have it, my personal expose of RO vs Tap Water Coming out of the mouth of a master grower. Let’s hear about your choice of water in the comments below…

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