Bloom Booster Best Practices – Knowing When To Say When

Bloom Booster Best Practices - Knowing When To Say When

If your growing in a grow box, then your always interested in doing more with less.  Your already starting out with limited space, and anything that increases yield marks itself as an important tool. One of the best ways to maximize yields a grow box is to use a bloom booster during flowering.  Most people that have grown a few different crops have contemplated using them, but not alot do the proper related research to use them correctly. There is a certain strategy that you need to follow to make adding the boosters worth your time.  It is also actually possible to do it wrong as well and end up with less yield, so don’t pass this info up.

Strategies to Increase Harvest in the Grow Box

To start, you must pick out a bloom booster that has the right ratios of N P K needed for strong flower growth.  Some bloom boosters actually have  nitrogen in them to aid leaf generation and stem growth, but it’s certainly not necessary unless you are only using bloom booster by itself during final cycle growth. What you are most importantly looking at is the N and the P of the bloom booster mix, the phosphorus and the potassium that is in there.   The ratio of phosphorus to potassium ratio that your looking for in any bloom mix is 2:1 as it has been tested in university laboratories to be most ideal. Next, you must understand when to add the bloom booster to your plants medium.  Plants while  flowering have different rates of growth, transitional, mild, and full bloom.  The later the plant gets in it’s growth cycle, the more P and K your plant is going to call  for. Nitrogen is naturally cut back in consumption during this time of increased use of P and K as the plant diverts it’s energy to bud production to vegetative growth.  When your plant is in it’s last couple weeks of growth, it won’t be using almost any nitrogen at all. What your going to want to do when adding your bloom chems is start them in about half way through their budding or flowering stage for most varieties and at a slow pace.  Your first week of adding them you might only go half strength, and the second week nearly 75% strength. You will be able to add that full  recommended dosing of bloom mix as the buds on your plants start showing noticeable growth in bud production from day to day and are bud stacking.  If your buds are not showing noticeable results day by day after you are already 2/3 done with flowering, then there is something wrong with your plants and you won’t be needing that added bloom chem mix in addition to their base nutrient.

Dangers of using a blooming mixture

If you end up giving to much bloom mix to your plants, you will notice it as your plants will start yellowing.  The reason this happens is because the P starts blocking out iron and manganese micro nutrients from their shared attachment sites.  If you notice this happening, then you should flush your plants immediately. Recovery should come quickly as long as your have responded at first signs of the yellowing.  Prolonged periods of over feeding with bloom ferts will cause a permanent stunting of growth and an irreversible saturation of bloom chems

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