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The New And Improved Aspen Growbox

Posted by Justen Teguh on

Recently, we decided that we wanted to change our name and move away from GroBox One to something new.

And that something new has become Aspen Growbox.

So why Aspen?

Some quick facts:

1. Aspen Clone (colony of trees that form 1 single organism) is the oldest living organism in the world.

2. The oldest Aspen Clone is 80,000 years old and weighs more than 13,000 pounds

3. Aspen Trees are one of the most resilient trees known to botanists. They grow all 4 seasons, even in the winter! (just like GrowBox)

One aspen tree is actually only a small part of a larger organism...

A group of aspen trees is considered a singular organism with their main life force being the extensive root system linking them all together.

As you all know, we launched on Kickstarter, and we’ve gotten to where we are now because of backers like yourself each acting as an individual Aspen tree contributing to the larger root system and allowing us to grow together.

You can learn more about Aspen clones here.

Many of you have told us incredible stories about how the Aspen Growbox will help you overcome hurdles in your lives and we love being able to contribute and do more.

But first, improvements.

We’ve been hard at work over the past few months finalizing every little detail to ensure you’ll have the best GrowBox possible.

And we’re excited to share some of these improvements with you.


For those of you less familiar with plants and their needs, airflow plays a HUGE role when it comes to designing hydroponic growing systems.

Just as we need air, so too do plants.

And since each plant is different, each will have different air requirements.

This is why we have fans with 3 speed settings - low, medium, and high.

These fans will provide for up to 400 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow ensuring pests are kept out, and optimal conditions for your plants.

As with any hydroponic system, having healthy amounts of airflow will also lead to fan sounds which we’ve reduced as much as possible.

After consulting with beta testers, we believe that we’ve been able to find the perfect balance between Aspen GrowBox design, optimal airflow, and sound output.

Beta testers have found that the low setting is quiet enough to work and sleep in, and will have results of decibel testing available for you in our next update. And for plants which require higher volumes of air flow, medium and high settings can be switched to as needed, although we recommend keeping the GrowBox in a separate room.

Air Filtering

Filtering air is a BIG feature that we’ve implemented in the GrowBox to ensure that you’re breathing clean, smell-resistant, pest-free air.

One reason why hydroponic growing is a great method of growing plants is because a closed ecosystem helps prevent pests from finding your babies.

To ensure you have an amazing hydroponic setup, we’ve increased foam density so that most of the smallest pests won’t make it into the system.

We’re also improving instructions and FAQs to help you maintain a sterile environment as a leading cause of pests in hydroponic systems occurs due to poorly kept environments, or accidental transportation of pest into system via skin, clothing, cloned plant, or other accessory.

Many of us live in cities that have poor air quality, or may be growing plants such as tomatoes or have flowers that contain strong smells, and so we’ve taken steps to both filter for smell and for cleanliness.

You’ll find that the GrowBox will have fresh air circulated in your home, and if you decide to grow plants that may have stronger smells, they should be restricted to the room your GrowBox resides in.


We’re creating the very best GrowBox possible, and so it would follow that we want to ensure that Aspen GrowBox will last you.

We believe that we’ve accomplished this, especially with a few additional improvements such as:

  • Rounded corners on the base bottom
  • Increased thickness of plastic from 3mm to 5mm
  • Separated platform that the GrowBox sits on from wheel attachment so there is zero chance of long term durability issues such as aging wheels which ensures structural integrity will not be compromised

With the changes mentioned above, we believe that the right choice was made to push manufacturing back for a few months to ultimately lead to a greatly improved end product for you.

With the changes made, beta testers posting in our private beta testing group (see below) have been having even better success with the latest prototype.

If you’d like to learn more about beta-testing progress and receive private progress updates, let us know by clicking here!

With that, we leave you with one question -- what is YOUR biggest question when it comes to growing hydroponically in Aspen GrowBox?

Let us know by commenting below, or messaging us at!

Talk soon,

Team Aspen

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  • Michael on

    Is the new unit available for sale yet?
    If not how can I get on the list for purchasing?
    Thanks Michael

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