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The Best Damn Infused Cereal Treats You'll Ever Grow

Posted by Pepper Sloan on

The time-honored tradition of wake n' bake just got a breakfast makeover! Cannabis infused cereal bars are easier to make than you might think - and one of the most cost-effective ways to medicate, too! Okay, so maybe sugary cereal isn't the best way to start your morning, but these super easy - SUPER CHEAP - edibles aren't just for breakfast. They're also the perfect snack to keep you going when chronic pain is slowing you down.

Coconut oil has gained superstar status among health food gurus and beauty bloggers - and rightfully so. Coconut oil, proven to reduce inflammation and relieve pain is something every chronic pain sufferer should keep on hand. A healthier alternative to butter, coconut oil infused with cannabinoids is a powerhouse of health benefits while also offering up some fantastic pain relief.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not ditching my beloved canna-butter! But, when it comes to infusing foods such as seafood or popcorn, butter is the best choice. Given coconut oil's ultra-high concentration of fatty acids, it's an even better binding agent for cannabinoids. What does that mean? Simply put, "the good stuff" attaches itself to coconut oil more effectively than butter or olive oil, resulting in a more potent edible.

De-Carboxyl..... What?

Decarboxylation. The word may sound intimidating, but this simple process is crucial when making edibles. Without it, your infused culinary creation may be delicious, but it won't relieve your pain. Decarbing "wakes up" the THC in your weed, thereby activating its psychoactive properties. The goal of decarbing is to heat the weed - but, not so much that it burns. Anything above 230 degrees F, is usually considered the danger zone.

There are several methods to decarboxylate marijuana. The most common way is to use the oven. But, take heed. Scorching the cannabinoids is very easy to do with this method. I prefer to use a slow cooker or crock pot. If you don't have a slow cooker, no worries, a saucepan will work, too. Just be sure to stick a thermometer in the pot once in a while to ensure you don't exceed the temperature cap.

To Bag or Not to Bag? That is the Question.

I also prefer the Crock-Pot method because I can decarb my cannabis at the same time I'm infusing the coconut oil. I've found using a slow-cooker bag makes clean up minimal and aids in the straining process. Some folks may not like cooking in plastic, but it's merely a personal preference. After deciding whether you want to use a bag or not, grab 1 cup, or roughly an ounce of cannabis, and dump it into the crockpot.

Shake It, Baby!

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need truckloads of the finest cannabis in the land to make a tremendous edible. Some of the most highly effective edibles are made from trim, or "shake." (This is the name for those little bits of stems and leaves that fall from the cannabis buds.) Even though these parts may not be the greatest for smoking, they're excellent for rendering some super hearty cannabinoids. As a home grower, I collect my shake in a container and use it specifically for making edibles. The benefits of growing cannabis at home are many, but making edibles so inexpensively is one of my favorites.

Measure out a cup of coconut oil and add it to the slow cooker, as well. Turn the heat to LOW. As the oil begins to melt, gently mix it with the marijuana until combined. Place the lid on the crock-pot and allow the mixture to continue cooking on Low for two hours, returning every thirty minutes to stir. Remember: Scorching will result in a loss of potency and a burnt taste! After two hours, lower the temperature to Keep Warm or Simmer. Continue cooking for another two hours, returning to stir every thirty minutes.

Straining can be a real mess if not thought through properly. Make sure you have plenty of room and everything set up beforehand. Grab a reusable coffee filter, cheesecloth, or even a pair of new pantyhose to strain out the plant material from your coconut oil. Be sure not to squeeze the wad of raw cannabis as this adds unnecessary chlorophyll to your oil giving it a green hue. After discarding the plant material, allow your coconut oil to relax overnight.

Home Grown Treats Like No Other!

Now that we have our infused oil, we're ready to make cereal bars! Spray a medium sized baking dish with non-stick spray, grab a box of your favorite cereal, a bag of marshmallows and let the fun begin! Just remember everyone's tolerance is different. Starting slow is always a good idea, so I usually suggest a 1/4 of a cup of the infused coconut oil for the first batch.

Add 1/4 cup of infused coconut oil to a medium sized saucepan. Turn the burner to low and slowly add the marshmallows. Stir continuously, making sure the marshmallows aren't burning on the bottom of the pan. Once the marshmallows have begun to melt, stir in 5 cups of cereal. Continue to stir, taking care not to overheat. Once the mixture is melted together into an ooey, gooey masterpiece, remove it from the heat.

Transfer the cereal mixture from the saucepan into the baking dish. Using a spatula or spoon, press the "cereal dough" down, flattening it. Once the cereal is flat, use a butter knife to cut it into pieces. Pour a nice cup of coffee, milk, or tea, and enjoy!


Making your own infused tasty treats is easier than you think! Especially if you’re a home grower, like me. Collecting your shake is a great way to keep your medication costs down and your spirits up! Why buy expensive edibles from dispensaries when you can easily make your own for a fraction of the cost? These treats are delicious and perfect for making medicating a little more fun. Our simple and easy recipe can also easily be modified to accommodate just about any dietary needs!

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