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Posted by Pepper Sloan on

For decades athletes of every type were forced to hide their cannabis use, but with more and more celebrity athletes discussing their personal use of cannabis, attitudes are changing. In fact, many people are finding that using marijuana before working out, not motivates them to go to the gym, but also results in a more enjoyable workout. If your workouts are less than satisfying, the solution could be as simple as finding the right strain to accentuate the experience.

From football players to ultra-marathoners, it seems every sport has experienced the benefits of a more focused workout thanks to cannabis. For many athletes, pre-workout cannabis use has become an essential part of their routine. Each strain of marijuana has its own unique personality. And just like friends, some are better to work out with than others. Many people work out best when using a sativa, and some say hybrids do the trick. There are even those who feel the anti-inflammatory effects of an indica are the best when it comes to perking up a work-out. Finding the right strain for each activity is as important as getting to know your body's own individual needs.

Cannabis Reduces Pre-Workout Anxiety

For many people, just the idea of going into the gym, or even doing exercise alone in their house is a frightening endeavor. Anxiety about body image and work-out expectations are real, and they keep many people from enjoying the act of moving their body for health and fun. Using a little cannabis can make the difference between feeling sorry for missing yet another workout and turning on the radio for a quick ten-minute dance party. Strains such as Pure Power Plant and Light of Jah have been known to assist in conquering social anxiety which may just lead you to the gym.

Repetitive Activities Seem Easier

If exercise sounds more like torture than a good time, grabbing a quick toke of a strain like CherWillie beforehand may change that. Repetitive activities such as running and rowing may seem a lot more interesting after an edible or two. Ultramarathon runners and distance rowers have been known to train under the influence of cannabis to fall into a steady rhythmic zone while keeping a competitive speed. The controlled and meditative movements of Tai Chi and Yoga may also not seem so dull after using a strain like Cosmic Collision, which is known for its contemplative high. You may even find yourself looking forward to the practice before too long.

Working Out with Chronic Pain?!

For many people battling chronic illness and chronic pain syndromes exercise is nearly impossible. However, even the smallest bit of activity can be beneficial. Muscle cramps and easy fatigability can be remedied with a lesser-known strain called Redwood Kush. It has been praised by the muscular dystrophy community for its powerful ability to remedy cramps and promote oxygenation of the blood.


In years past athletes were forced to remain quiet about the role cannabis plays in their careers. Thanks to the diligence of cannabis activists, legislation is changing. This allows the community of marijuana enthusiasts to share information benefiting all of us by making our global community a little healthier every day.

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