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Meet Kathy: Cannabis, PTSD & Weight Loss | Real Stories, From Real People

Posted by Team GroBox on

Our mission is to be a part of the movement that is opening minds and removing the stigma that can sometimes be attached to cannabis use.
So, we reached out to our community and were super lucky to get a ton of positive responses. As it turns out, there are so many incredible people in the cannabis community looking to share their story and help others who may not have realized the many ways cannabis can help change their lives for the better.

So we chatted with real people who have experienced these life changing benefits.
These are their stories.


"Hi, My name is Kathy B and I’m from Illinois.

I am 43 years old, mom of 3 and I’m an assistant manager at a medical marijuana dispensary. I have been married to my husband Shawn for 4.5 years but together for over 10. My hobbies are drawing, painting and listening to music.

I joined the Facebook Group (
Cannabis and Weight Loss) because I started losing weight 4 months after receiving my medical card for PTSD -- I wasn’t sure if something was wrong. Was cannabis doing more than just treating my PTSD symptoms?

So I found the group and while reading the posts I realized I wasn’t the only one and WOW! This stuff is amazing in every way.

I had been fighting and losing the battle of the bulge since I was a teenager.  

Being a gymnast and cheerleader in high school, my weight was always an issue addressed by my parents and coaches. Diets like Slim Fast were a staple for a period of time. With my dad being in the military, I couldn’t be “fat”. Outward appearances of a soldier’s family directly reflect his worth as a soldier and Head of Household, if you know what I mean.

What I also didn’t know back then was that I was suffering from mental illness and would remain incorrectly diagnosed for another 20 years. I was on many psych meds that had little positive effects & experience 100% of the negative effects. I was put on Seroquel (This medication is used to treat certain mental/mood conditions such as schizophrenia & bipolar disorder) and ended up gaining another 60 lbs in 3 months - a total of 80lbs in a YEAR.

No matter what, I was never able to lose the weight. I kept trying, but this time focused on diet and exercise.  Being 35 and pregnant, I had to stop for the safety of my baby. The weight caused severe ankle pain during exercise and even though I loved Zumba, I had no choice but to stop.

I resigned myself to the fact I was going to be a large gal for the rest of my life and even though I thought I might have been OK with that, I truly wasn’t.

Fast forward to getting my medical card a year ago.

It took a while to find a regimen that fully with my PTSD. I finally felt well enough to start working again 6 months ago.. after not working for 8 years of being disabled due to my depression.

As my experience with cannabis expanded, my body was shrinking.

I found my symptoms from my major depressive disorder, Bipolar II, Borderline anxiety and PTSD lessened. I have now lost more than 60 pounds.

I went from a size 18w to a 12/14. Top size 2X women’s to a large.

More importantly, I am no longer taking ANY of my psych medication... I’m not saying I’ve been cured. There are no cures for these illnesses, but I am able to manage the episodes, swings, peaks and valleys.


My Daily Regimen:

Morning / AM: Sativa concentrate dabs (larger dabs as my tolerance has gotten higher), probably 2 dabs, maybe 3, I might mix 1 dab of CBD with it as needed.

Eat a few of my own Homemade Gummies from a sativa (30mg). I’m typically good for my work day until around 4. When needed I use a cartridge for breakthrough anxiety.

Night / PM: I dab an indica strain heavily and use CBD concentrates as well so I can fully relax. Intermittently throughout the evening I will do a dab or two until 10pm. 2 homemade capsules containing coconut oil and FECO (full extract cannabis oil)  totaling 44 mg at around 8pm.

I also had labs done because they thought the hip pain I was having was rheumatoid arthritis.  Blood work showed upside down cholesterol, high rheumatoid factor and borderline diabetes. Two months ago I had my labs re-drawn and my cholesterol is the most straightened out as its been in the past 15 years plus no more pre-diabetes and my rheumatoid factor cut in half. 

This is because of my current regimen.

I am a completely different person than I was a year ago.  

I am a functioning member of my family, a much better mom and wife. My illness doesn’t consume me anymore.  

Sure the weight loss is a bonus but more importantly is the mental shift. I feel like I’m actually alive again and not just reactive to my life. Life is much easier to handle, the stresses of everyday life don’t affect me as much as they used to, and I’m able to overcome.

Sure the weight loss is a bonus but more importantly is the mental shift.

I feel like I’m actually alive again and not just reactive to my life. Life is much easier to handle, the stresses of everyday life don’t affect me as much as they used to, and I’m able to overcome.     

Still losing those weight :)

My only advice for anyone trying to use cannabis for weight loss is that everyone’s system is different and we all react to cannabis in different ways.  What works for me might not work for someone else. Just keep switching it up and try to find what works best for you."



disclaimer: we do not recommend cannabis as a treatment or substitute medicine for any medical condition, we are not doctors.

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