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Meet Dave: Cannabis, Sleep & Insomnia | Real Stories, From Real People

Posted by Team GroBox on

Sleep, more than anything is what our body needs most and we all know how awesome it feels to get a good night’s sleep right?

Supercharged, energized and ready to face another day but imagine if one day you were deprived of this....

What would you do about it?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get a good night’s sleep once again?

Meet David M. This is his battle with his sleep condition and how he overcame insomnia.  

David is a 40 year old professional living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was born and raised in Texas where he spent the first half of his life living in the middle of cotton fields and the second part in the DFW area working as a store manager for big box retail. He moved to California for a girl he married six years ago.

This is his story.

So, how did you find yourself using or growing cannabis?

"As most work-a-holics will confess, sleep deprivation is a way of life in all of my chosen careers. A few years back I went to my doctor to discuss the different options to assist in falling asleep.

I figured the first step may be some form of counseling or an instructional ten-step process on how to fall asleep naturally. I was mistaken.

My doctors first and only solution was prescription sleep medication. I was in and out of my doctors visit in less than thirty minutes with a bright and shiny prescription for sleep medication (He was prescribed Restoril and we discussed Ambien. Both cause dizziness and confusion in their patients as well as they are only designed for short term use).

I took the script to my pharmacist to fill and was looking forward to a good night’s sleep. During my one-on-one consultation with the pharmacist I was informed of the numerous side effects these miracles of science could possibly produce.

"After receiving the warnings from my pharmacist and some online research, I decided this prescription was not a solution to my problem. Just a temporary fix.

During my research I ran across an article touting the effectiveness of CBD oil in calming the mind. My first thought was, “If I could stop worrying about work, I would probably sleep better at night.”

I decided that before I try the prescribed medication, I should try CBD first as a natural remedy. I went to my local wellness center and obtained my card then headed off to the store to get my first bottle of oil. The experience was game changing!

My introduction was with an 18:1 concentrate. I found it definitely calmed my mind. It allowed me to focus on the task at hand without the whirlwind of random thoughts, tasks and rabbit holes I was used to feeling throughout the day.  

Ultimately it did not help with my insomnia. At bedtime my mind was still wide awake thinking about the next day, task incomplete and ways to better myself. CBD worked wonders for my daily tasks but did not ultimately solve my dilemma.

My next trip to my local shop, I was more informed about what would be needed. This is when I learned the difference between an Indica and a Sativa. I started to experiment with different combinations which became exceedingly expensive as I was spending between $50-$100 per one ounce vile.

"I found that a mix of 20% sativa vs CBD does the trick. Just a few drops at night around 30-45 minutes before bed was perfect. My eyes would get heavy and precious sleep was at last mine.

Was using cannabis or cbd your last resort? If so, what previous treatment didn't work for you?

Actually CBD/Cannabis was my first resort. I’m glad I choose to stay natural.

I found that a mix of 20% sativa vs CBD does the trick. Just a few drops at night around 30-45 minutes before bed was perfect. My eyes would get heavy and precious sleep was at last mine.


Have you had any difficulty acquiring CBD oil or Cannabis in the past? Any challenges?

The only challenge was the cost. To obtain a high quality, organic product the cost was higher than I could afford on a monthly basis. This is what led me to start producing my own oil. I decided I could have a small, outdoor grow and extract the oil at home. My largest challenge was knowing what my plants needed on a daily basis. More sun, less sun, fertilizer etc... My overall yield was good but I felt I could do better. This is where GroBox comes into the picture. It gives me the opportunity to control every aspect of the growing process as well as the ability to grow year round. How great is that?!

What is your advice to those using cannabis and those that are hesitant to use it?

As with any controlled substance, start small and work your way up. Your body will tell you your when you are at the right level.

Most hesitation I have run in to go back to preconceived notions instilled by decades of misinformation.  Do your research. Make your own decision.

How has using cannabis changed your life?

I have found that my work productivity has increased. I don’t spend as much time on a task as before CBD and my sleep routine has definitely improved. I may still stay up late compared to my friends and co-workers but the sleep I do get is a higher quality and I do not find myself sleepy during the day."

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  • My Sentiments Exactly. I’m In the Same Boat. on

    My sentiments exactly. I’m in the same predicament as you. I need this badly.

  • John Griffin on

    I think the grow box is great but I just don’t have 1100.00 to get one wish Their was a cheaper one I’m on Disability and don’t get much but I really think it’s a great product best of luck to the people who can afford one 🤐, JohnG

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