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Eva's Escape- A Desperate Quest from PTSD

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Cannabidiol, popularly termed CBD, is gaining more and more recognition as a remedy for pain. Known to control inflammation in the brain and nervous system- CBD helps in easing pain, targeting insomnia and even arthritis.CBD oil is a product extracted from cannabis. This solution is a type of cannabinoid, extracted from a marijuana or hemp plant. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not have euphoric effects, described as feeling ‘’high’’ or ‘’stoned’’.

While there are only a limited number of studies that scientifically prove CBD’s effects on alleviating chronic pain, a study published on the Journal of Experimental Medicine unlocked new discoveries as to how CBD targets pain.

Cannabinoids are observed to effectively suppress inflammatory and neuropathic pain by targeting α3 glycine receptors on rats, and exhibits the same effects on humans.

When asked as to how exactly CBD works in order to reduce pain, Eastlick professor from Washington State University Rebecca M. Craft, PhD stated that CBD ‘’de-sensitizes’’ the TRPV1- a receptor in the brain necessary to feel pain. TRPV1 creates the sensation of pain whenever a nerve has been disturbed.

Even now, scientists are still trying to learn more about how CBD alleviates chronic pain, and if it could help with other forms of pain.

To further understand how CBD works in patients experiencing pain, we reached out to people who’ve been dealing with PTSD for years.

Today, we spoke with Eva, a 53-year-old mother of 4 children.

Eva has been suffering from PTSD and anxiety since 1996 until tables turned after shed adopted the use of CBD.

People have a lot of reasons for using cannabis - whether recreational or medical.From people we have spoken to over the years, many have shifted to CBD in the hopes of finding better relief than prescription drugs.

In Eva's case, traditional medicine was not the best path for her.

‘'It did take me a year to wean off the meds, I didn’t do it overnight. I decided to give CBD a try, as changing meds was beginning to become increasingly difficult and symptom management was just not happening for me. I was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety for decades. I had little to almost no success with prescription medicine.'’

Eva was previously taking Wellbutrin, Zoloft and Lorazapam, but found almost no success with these medications. She completely ceased being dependent to these medications since December 2017.

When told about how Cannabidiol helped her cope up with pain, Eva stated:

’’I can say that CBD has changed my life for the better and I feel like a new person. I also use it for my kids, in place of pain meds. My dog also benefits from it, for arthritis and separation anxiety.’’

There are numerous benefits that can come from the usage of cannabis, and it is increasingly apparent in her case.

However, there is still both a negative stigma associated with its usage as well as the concern of being prosecuted by law. Will things change? Only time will tell.

Do you have major health issues and has cannabis helped you turn your life around?
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