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Meet Angel and Her Son Logan. A Real Story on Cannabis, Hemp + ADHD

Posted by Team GroBox on

Hello My Name is Angel Walker Ezell and this is my son Logan.

Logan was diagnosed with ADHD ( Attention- deficit/ hyperactivity disorder) at age 5. He has a very hard time keeping his attention on anything for a long time, he is very hyper and can't sit still, fidgets a lot and is very impulsive. His mind goes a million miles a minute so he doesn’t think about his actions before he does them. Which is where severe impulsive behavior comes into play. He was also very aggressive and had no restraint, very moody, and so many other things. This is something he was born with and there is no cure to date.

We, for over 5 years tried so many medications it was unreal, some made his behavior worse, made him more aggressive and depressed , he thought a lot of bad things about himself. Some didn’t work at all. And other medications made him a complete zombie. Like he was a empty shell of a person. It broke our heart. We didn’t know what to do. He was getting into fights at school , hurting himself and his younger brothers. He had no friends , he was lying and stealing , refused to do schoolwork or homework, would have meltdowns like a 2 year old child. We didn’t know what to do. I had been studying Cannabis for many years , MMJ because I have a very sick friend and very sick Mother who I wanted to help. I actually went to Cannabis College to learn how to grow and make tincture’s, RSO, edibles, etc. I have been working in the medical field for over 13 years and wanted to eventually help people through Medical Cannabis.

I was also looking for something to help myself. I worked in the hospital so I knew I couldn’t use MMJ but I started looking into Hemp CBD . I knew what a great thing MMJ was and in the last 2 years had also studied Industrial Hemp as well which is also a Cannabis plant.  

I researched products and companies and my husband came across a pure CBD oil that changed our lives. We looked into the company further, read their documentation and ingredients and decided to try it . So me and my husband tried it first and it helped us both, a few months later we decided to try it on our children. So getting back to my 11 year old we started him on Hemp CBD .

Tell us about your experience in acquiring cannabis products for your son. Was is very difficult? Did you have any problems getting it?

Because Hemp Is federally legal in all 50 states we ordered it right off the internet. Like I said we did our research first , we looked into many companies and found one we decided to put our trust in. The CBD was sent directly to our house and after we started using it ourselves and giving it to him and our other children everything changed for us!

Do you have any regimen (dosage, diets, edibles) that you follow that you like to share?

We started him off with a serving size of 5 drops in the am and 5 in the pm and went from there. He is now up to 7 in the am and 10 at night. Our little ones started off with a smaller amount and worked there way up as well. What needs to be understood is every person is different and each person’s ECS ( Endocannabinoid System) is different . How many drops of CBD Oil or how much MMJ in whatever form it may come in our a person may use will be different . There is no set amount for a certain ailment or age. For MMJ I feel it is definitely best followed my a medical professional that is well versed in how to micro-dose. Or at the very least get educated yourself . As far as Hemp Cannabis the rules are the same you have to start low and slow and see what works for you . Now the reason we went with a Full Spectrum Hemp Cannabis is because it is low in THC and high in CBD. And with industrial hemp the THC is under the legal limit of .3% so it has no psychoactive effects . Which is why we decided to give it to our children who all suffer from different things.


What is your advice to those using cannabis oil and those that are hesitant to use it?

Cannabis is a natural plant weather it be Marijuana or Hemp and it has helped many people. What people don’t know or realize is that Cannabis was in doctors medicine bags before prohibition. It has been used for thousands of years. I would also say before you dismiss Cannabis as a nature provided pant to help us, do your research. There are so many thing’s we were made to believe that just aren’t true. Find out for yourself, get informed. If your dealing with an ailment consider giving it a try MMJ is a great thing , worried about the high or just don’t want it at all then look into Hemp. Some people will need the higher THC content and yes there is research out there that shows THC has many benefits as well and some might need a higher CBD content . If you have a hard time qualifying for MMJ or you just can’t afford it you can always try Hemp CBD . Federally legal, don’t need any prescription, and there are many companies our there to choose from. My advice on that is find a Pure Full Spectrum CBD oil. The way cannabinoids work is that they best work synergistically together. There is scientific evidence that states all the cannabinoids work better together then alone such as a isolate. Cannabinoids work to bring balance to your body. We all our supposed to be producing what is called Endocannabinoids but over time and through disease and other factors we aren’t producing what we should and phyto-cannabinoids ( cannabinoids that the Cannabis plant produces helps us when we aren’t producing our own. We have receptors in our body called CB1 and CB2 receptors for a reason. Not only do humans have this system and receptors but all animals and there is also research out there and testimonies out there showing that it helps with so many things for them as well as us.

How has cannabis oil impacted Logan’s life?

Getting back to how it has helped my ADHD son well at first we noticed little things, he was sleeping better , which he had a hard time with, he was eating again, because of all the meds he was on and a lot of them have the side effect of decreasing hunger, he was underweight for his age and we had to force him to eat. Well he was eating again. By the almost 4 week mark on CBD oil my son was a totally changed person. He was himself without all the aggression, he was happier, he is able to concentrate better, his impulsiveness rarely shows its ugly head.


He hardly ever lies , and all his behaviors have improved . At the second week of giving him CBD Oil we started weaning him off all medication by the time 4 weeks came upon us he was totally off all meds and just taking CBD oil. My son has been on CBD Oil for around 5 1/2 months now and is doing well in school , grades have improved, test scores improved, he was always smart just couldn’t slow down enough to do the work properly or at all. He still has his days but nothing like before and they are far and few in between.

And one of he best things I can say is he notices a difference, he understands the change. And I’m proud to say my son has friends now, he has never had friends because of his behavior.

5 months on CBD oil consistently and he is up 5 friends. Kids come to our house and ask him to come play, they invite him over. If you have a ADHD child who deals with the same sort of things you understand what a big deal this is. I am a very proud Mama. He is championing his life and I couldn’t see that happening any other way then finding this wonderful product, CBD oil. Cannabis quite literally saved our family !! We have such a extensive story to tell because we all use it for different reasons and we are all benefiting from it.

For more information you can find more education and testimonies on CBD here. To check out more about the CBD oil my family uses go here:

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