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Healing the Battle Scars- The Fred Earle Story

Posted by Celine Kate on

Surgery can either be life-changing or life-threatening.

Surgical site infections, previously termed as wound infections, are the leading cause of post-surgery complications.

A report from the National Healthcare Safety Network published on February 2010 laid out a horrifying truth about surgical site infections. SSI account for 17% health-care related infections, leading to 8000 mortality cases after an infected surgical lesion.

Surgery wounds can be severely infected, leaving the patients with no choice other than amputation.

While most patients accept this procedure in the hopes of returning to peak health, there are more and more people embracing cannabis as a topical option.

Recently, we spoke with Lisa, a wife who has struggled to find a cure for her husband's infected post surgery lesion.

''My husband is a double amputee, below the knee. He had a kidney transplant exactly 1 year ago. Fred developed a wound on the end of his stump. It became badly infected and went into his bloodstream. During a 4 month period, wound care doctors attempted to heal the wound. It was very deep because a surgery was needed to debride (clean) the wound and take tissue samples. The wound only healed 12%. There was a possibility that a further amputation would be needed.''

Lisa recalled how her husband suffered from severe diarrhea as a side effect of Fred's anti-rejection medication for his kidney transplant.

Fred went in and out of the hospital, being confined for dehydration. With this, Fred also developed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and colitis.

When asked as to how she was lead to letting her husband use cannabis to alleviate these daunting side effects, Lisa told us:

''I remembered a doctor telling my dad to smoke cannabis when he suffered from ulcerative colitis, which eventually required surgery. I decided to start giving my husband the cannabis oil with high THC. Within 30 minutes of taking the oil, his diarrhea stopped. He was skeptical. Fred didn't take it the following day. Well, severe diarrhea came back. He took the oil and again, diarrhea ceased. Fred now does not go a day without it, and he made it to the 1 year anniversary of his transplant July 15th, 2017.''

Optimistic of cannabis' ability to ease digestive discomforts, Lisa thought it might be a good way to ease Fred's SSI by applying a topical cream with cannabis extract.

''I then decided I would use the oil to heal his wound. He was unable to use his prosthetics and was confined to a wheelchair. I made a salve of manuka honey and a high THC oil. I applied to the wound, put a bandage over it (not gauze), and I changed it every 2 days. Well, Fred's wound is no longer a big hole. It's almost completely healed. After the threat of infection was gone, I simply applied half THC and half CBD directly on the wound.''


Lisa also seeks help for her own medical conditions she's been constantly battling. To alleviate tinnitus and herniated disks, she tried cannabis.

''I began using the oil for inflammation and severe pain. I immediately noticed a difference. I had never been one to smoke cannabis on a regular basis. After getting a vape cartridge, I took just one hit off of the vape pen. The intense pins and needles in my lower arm and hand, as a result of nerve impingement from herniated discs, disappeared. I suffer from this every single day. I was amazed. I took another hit an hour later. I didn't want to get high. This was to relieve pai0n. I have tinnitus attacks 24/7. My only relief is sleep. Well, you guessed it, the terrible buzzing and beeping, high pitched sounds were gone.''

Lisa was surprised as to how cannabis worked out for her and Fred's medical condition.

''The effects of vaping do not last as long as the oil. However, vaping gives immediate results and has its place where pain and nausea are concerned. Immediate relief for those with cancer and going through chemotherapy can be attained by vaping. Vaping should NEVER replace the oil for a cancer protocol or if using for a serious illness.

So, for anyone who is skeptical, just as my husband and I were, please know that this plant is a medicine.''

Nowadays, Lisa and Fred are happily sharing their cannabis success story to help raise awareness about the benefits that come with such usage.

Have you had your lives transformed with cannabis?

Send me an email at and together, we'll share your story.


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