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Beth's Story- Battling With Colorectal Cancer with the Help Of CBD

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The American Cancer Society (ACS) showed that 1 in 22 men and 1 in 24 women have the daunting possibility of developing colorectal cancer in their lifetime.

In 2015, an estimated number of 1,322,085 people were living with colon cancer in the US alone.

Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer, is a deadly disease that forms in the large intestines leading to the rectum. Abnormal cells start to form along the lining of the large intestines, creating small bumps called polyps.

These polyps are benign growth but must be removed through surgery before they become cancerous.

Factors such as African-American descent, genetic mutations, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, alcohol dependence, unhealthy diet and a history of intestinal diseases can all be risk factors for colorectal cancer.

While pre-emptive surgery and chemotherapy are widely recognized to be the last resorts of this ailment, they can also be very destructive on the body leading some to use cannabis for pain relief.

One such cannabis user is Beth, a survivor of colorectal cancer who was first diagnosed in 2013.

''I had small cell carcinoma of the colon, which is a very rare and deadly form of cancer. It was horrible, I can't seem to find a reason to get chemotherapy.''

Beth was horrified knowing that the cancer was mostly incurable and could reach her brain. Life expectancy of this type of cancer is quite low as it spreads very fast.

When asked about her steps on how she handled the diagnosis, Beth elaborated with the following:

''I used the keto diet, cannabis oil, blushwood berry extract, turmeric, and graviola. I did not take any meds but I did use chemotherapy. My body refused radiation treatment, and I have nothing else to do but try CBD oil.''

Beth started using CBD oil that has remarkably improved her ability to move bowels, ease abdominal pain and decrease her depressive bouts.

''It was magical. I never thought I could feel better. I was under the impression that only chemotherapy can help me, and CBD proved me wrong.''

After a year, Beth's oncology scans declared her to be cancer free.

Now, Beth is still continuing to take doses of CBD and THC to maintain her ability to get decent sleep and avoid digestive issues.

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